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In the entertainment field, blockchain technology has a task to satisfy both social values of commerciality and publicity, and various large and small issues are raised during the application process. Then, why is the entertainment field interested in blockchain technology? The biggest reason is that the current entertainment industry's market structure is severely distorted. One of the biggest issues facing the entertainment industry today is imbalance in revenue distribution and unfair contracts, which stems from the control of the market by a small number of large platform operators, who are dominant players. Those who are paying attention to the potential of blockchain technology are rightly aware that blockchain technology enables direct content

Currently, the blockchain proven through NFT and DeFi is expected to develop innovatively in the future. Based on this, KENT builds a direct ecosystem between services and users that combine games and blockchains to reduce unnecessary costs, We would like to explain in detail the processing and conclusion of transparent and reasonable compensation and transactions between users.

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The main reason is that the current entertainment industry's market structure is severely distorted. today One of the biggest problems facing the entertainment industry today is disproportionate revenue distribution and unfair contracts. A few dominating large platform operators dominate the market


Unlock the potential of blockchain technology Those who are looking for blockchain technology can directly trade content without intermediaries and Because it does not go through a brokerage process, unnecessary transaction costs are reduced and reasonable compensation is provided.


Blockchain, centered on DeFi, has gradually begun to prove its value, and various A DeFi financial innovation is starting to form a real network. This trend is also This has led to the proliferation and competitive development of many projects. . Blockchain, which is currently verified through NFT and DeFi, is expected to develop innovatively in the future. I call this With Tang, KENT is a service that combines games and blockchains to reduce unnecessary costs and We will build a direct ecosystem and process transactions between users with transparent and reasonable rewards.


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KENT Token

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KENT Game Service

The KENT platform allows players to share and distribute the acquired assets, ensuring continuity and allowing users to actively participate in the game. This allows you to benefit more from our user- and developer-friendly policies. We strive to create value through different platforms and different approaches. This is a way to maximize the value of the network for building an ecosystem and increase efficiency so that both users and developers can actively participate. To this end, KENT creates a token economy together with developers and users through token sharing. From platform providers who issue and hold tokens, to developers who receive tokens in exchange for game sales, to game players who earn tokens for their time and investment in gameplay, the higher the token’s value, the greater the reward for all participants. It's possible. In other words, due to sharing and proliferation, the token economy is no longer divided into individual games, but can be integrated. Providers of KENT's token economy platform supply tokens to developers and users. It also provides for the cost of maintaining the network through the fees it charges for transactions that occur on the network. Developers give game tokens to reward game players. Tokens are continuously acquired by selling items and redeeming tokens within the game. Here, some tokens are given as a reward to the developer. Users can also earn tokens by earning and selling gameplay and items. These tokens are used to settle all transactions. These game tokens allow the KENT system to maintain an efficient flow and grow through a circulating structure that connects all participants. KENT aims to build a system based on trust, and all transactions that occur are based on smart contract codes. All rewards and token transfers are based on consensus among all participants. Transparency secured through distributed ledger technology is a key element of the KENT platform.


KENT Game service features

To implement the KENT platform, users will be able to receive blockchain assets as a reward for gameplay in the content they access every day. Unlike relatively simple blockchain games that have already been released on the market, KENT plans to present differentiated value to users through direct integration of blockchain and in-game content, and combine blockchain through investment and development in various games. no see. In addition, we need to solve transaction and fee issues for game and blockchain integration. In the current blockchain network, we are trying to overcome the TPS problem and the huge transaction cost in order to process multiple games and allow many users to use the game.

Safe & Secure Transactions
KENT Game service features
Multiple Payment Gateway
Blockchain games, TPS and fees

KENT Token
Governance Policy

KENT governance is a decision-making mechanism that pursues KENT-based specialized platforms such as global content such as games and IP-based content. Accordingly, we are committed to effectively enhancing the value of all participants for the community and ecosystem. Established the KENT Governance Council

60,000,000 User Reward (KENT)
30,000,000 Global Expansion (KENT)
60,000,000 Payment Pool
20,000,000 Marketing (KENT)
20,000,000 Reserve (KENT)
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Download the whitepaper and learn about ICO Token, the unique ICO Crypto approach and the team/advisors.

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Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Major Team

Henry Kim

  • Nexon 10 Years+
  • Game Devp 15 Years+
  • KwangWoon Univ. Prof.

Kevin No

  • Software 20 Years+
  • SsangYong information and communication
  • Cryptocurrency 6 years+

Emma Lee

  • IT technology development experience 10 years+
  • Issuing tokens and listing

Richard Yoo

  • Marketing 20 Years+
  • Building a marketing strategy for many projects

Jason Lim

  • Project Management
  • Game and Cryptocurrency

Isla Park

  • Game development 7years+

Violet Kim

  • Design 15years+

Alice Choi

  • Art & Design 10years+

Elodie Ji

  • Mobile game 5years+

Justin Lee

  • Marketing & CS

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